From the Ste Genevieve Fire Department

Justin Donovan – Firefighter of the Month for June 2017

Congratulations to Lieutenant Justin Donovan, the Ste Genevieve Fire Department Firefighter of the Month!

Justin has served the Ste Genevieve Fire Department for 7 years and served as a officer for 1 year. He is a State Certified Firefighter, and a state certified fire service instructor. He is also a team member of the Ste Genevieve County Tech Rescue team.

We are thankful for his dedication and service and are happy to take this opportunity to recognize him for his contributions to the department and the citizens we serve.

Thank you Justin!

Firefighter of the month is a program from Ste Genevieve Fire Department with the goal to let the citizens we serve know who we are, and to recognize our firefighters for their contributions.



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