From the Ste Genevieve Fire Department

Ste Gen FD at “Roll for the Patrol”

Ste Gen FD was on hand to land the Air Evac helicopter over the weekend for the Roll for the Patrol benefit at the American Legion post 150 in Ste Genevieve, MO.

The Missouri Association of State Troopers Emergency Relief Society “The MASTERS” was formed in 1979 for the purpose of establishing an entirely voluntary benevolent fund for the financial aid of a trooper’s immediate surviving family member (wife or husband) and children if he or she is killed in the line of duty. The surviving family member is paid immediately a certain sum of money to help with their unexpected short-term expenses. Directors of The MASTERS from that area take the troopers’ family under their protective guidance, and from this fund help solve their financial problems.

The MASTERS assists with funeral expenses, loan payments, mortgage payments and immediate bills. It also provides scholarships for the officer’s dependent children and the surviving spouse.

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